Children Marriage

It is every parent’s dream to see their child get married in a lavish ceremony and see him / her embark upon a blissful journey of married life. There were times when the ceremony was important for its sheer sanctity, but now it signifies much more.

Lavish Parties, guest list running in to 100s and 1000s, gifts in form of jewelry, cash and other such expenses can have the marriage cost run into millions.

Let us make it clearer with the help of an example.

Taimoor need 5 Million in today's value for his daughter marriage 15 years later. The amount will grow up to Seventeen Million after 15 years, by just taking into account the effect of inflation. Inflation here is taken 8.5%.

Does this look like your story too? Do you have any idea how you will arrange for such a huge amount?
We will help you.

As already re-iterated, it is important that you plan your savings systematically.

The earlier you start saving and investing towards your financial goals, the more comfortable your goal achievement will become. Also, please remember that Prudent Asset Allocation is the key to achieving the goals. Your hard earned income (savings) needs to be well allocated in a suitable asset allocation so that you can achieve your Goals with ease.

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