Research - Overview

Efficient investment decision making requires strong research based on diligence, independence and objectivity. We have one of the most experienced and highly qualified research team covering different Financial Tradable instruments.

We believe that solid research is fundamental to sound investment decisions. We regularly gather in-depth, first-hand information on Local & International Equity, Commodities markets.

We believe that an investment decision should not be made lightly.

We have research desks covering all aspects of the equities, commodities & forex markets. Our research desk publishes high quality research on all major investment products including Stocks, Metals, Energy & Forex.

We aim to contribute towards growth and development of the markets by sharing our knowledge with the market participants through specialized seminars and workshops.


Individual investors who wish to invest in the stocks market need to assess many levels of data and information. Keeping that in mind we brings together complex data in an appealing, easy-to-understand format, focusing only on those elements of stock analysis that make the biggest difference in the long-term success of a portfolio. Producing high quality and timely research is a great way to differentiate in the market.

We provide (Fundamental & Technical) Equity Research to Individuals and Corporate Investors.


Commodities Research is the heart of our business.

Our research is an independent source of in-depth information on, and analysis of, the commodities markets.

Our research and analysis provides our clients with a superior flow of information and understanding of these markets, allowing them to make more informed business and investment decisions.

We strongly believe in the importance of unbiased fundamental & technical research on the commodities markets. Our track record demonstrates the value and benefits that such research has for our clients and their businesses.

Our research methodology is unique in the market. Our analysts give a comprehensive view of the market, including market intricacies, by delving deep into qualitative characteristics such as investor rationale and quantitative indicators by applying economic and econometric analytical skills to commodities markets.

For actively traded commodities, we specialize in filtering through the market noise to provide concise reports and conclusions about price direction and market fundamentals. Our vast network of market contacts and clients around the globe, and our experience in surveying the market and collecting hard to find statistics assist us in providing superior research on off-exchange commodities markets. Our reports and data are industry standards in the precious and specialty metals markets.


We continuously monitor New York, London and Asian sessions, keeping our clients abreast of fundamental events and technical indicators driving the markets.

We provide currency pair analysis that will lower your risk & reveal profitable trading ideas based on Technical Analysis.


Our economic research services cater to the needs of a wide array of clients ranging from financial institutions and corporations to government-affiliated bodies. We track key economies – developed, emerging and frontier – across the globe and provide a broad range of qualitative and quantitative economic research services of varying complexities. Whether it is outsourced sector research, a periodic indicator watch, a newsletter, a thematic piece, or a complex econometric modeling and forecasting assignment, we always deliver high quality research and analysis by using a range of exclusive databases.

Over the years, we have:

  • Developed comprehensive econometric models on both advanced and emerging economies.
  • Analyzed policy scenarios on central banks in Asia and Europe in detail.
  • Provided investors with demand and prices forecasts on key sectors across geographies

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