Taxation Services

We provide advisory to clients on all issues concerning the entire range of taxation laws applicable in Pakistan quickly and effectively. Effective tax advice can give your business a competitive advantage by lowering the tax exposure and the risk of non-compliance with regulatory laws.

The complexity of implications of tax provisions and constantly changing legislations require continuous update and development of new strategies to help produce sustainable long-term tax savings as well as exploring opportunities to help clients manage and reduce their tax burden.

Our taxation services comprise corporate/individual planning and compliance, as well as designing and implementing tax strategies for specific business issues in which tax is considered into the overall business strategic planning and decision-making process.

Taxation services are also offered to our clients on regular retainer ship basis. This covers wide range of services such as filing of returns of income, advising on any matter relating to deduction of withholding taxes from salaries and other than salary cases, attending the cases of monitoring of withholding taxes and advising on any tax matters referred by the clients.

Taxation of income has a significant bearing on returns to investors and any ill-informed decision may affect the ultimate tax burden. Compliance with various regulatory provisions of tax laws is another area that is time-consuming and cumbersome. Keeping abreast of the developments in tax laws and evaluating their impact can result in significant economic benefit. Timely compliance with regulations not only requires additional manpower, sometimes at much higher cost, but also may affect other activities of the organization. To satisfy the needs of our clients, we provide a wide range of services, either advice or compliance assistance, to suit any business enterprise.

Corporate Taxation

Our range of services in the area of corporate taxation includes:

  • Advisory services including determination of income and chargeability of tax, exemptions, and withholding tax matters
  • Compliance services relating to corporate taxation


Personal Taxation

Individuals of high net-worth are prone to tax default and inefficient planning, which results in higher incidence of tax. Their situation becomes more critical in view of their varying interests and sources of income. Although, tax compliance is the responsibility of the individual concerned, but generally organizations do provide such services to the employees, as an additional benefit. To help reduce the risk of default for high net-worth individuals and to assist organizations in fulfilling their assumed responsibilities, we provide services, which include:

  • Tax planning for expatriates
  • Compliance services with respect to personal taxation
  • Advisory services to help reduce tax exposure or increase tax saving